where and when you want.



Tailor-made yoga

Perfect for if you prefer not going to a group class, don’t have the time to go down to the studio or maybe you just rather follow your own personalized program. Wherever you are.

We’ll meet at a moment that suits your schedule. Only thing you need is a yoga mat, computer/iPad/Smartphone and a good internet connection.

I’ll help you develop your own personal yoga practice and give you the tools and confidence to continue practicing on your own, wherever you are. Based on your current level of fitness and planning we will focus on your needs: your personal challenges and goals lead to effective results. 

Why yoga?


More strength

More flexibility

Correct posture

Stress resistant

How it works


“Teach People, not poses.”


Introductory phonecall

We’ll start with an informal phone call of 20 – 30 min. We’ll talk about your needs and discuss your goals. You can ask all your questions and we’ll decide if it is a good fit for the both of us.

First class

The first class is a discovery class to determine the level of the program and to tailor the classes to your needs. We will do multiple exercises and you can decide which ones you like and want to explore further.

Customized program

The information from the phone call and the first class will be put together to make you the perfect personalized yoga program, fitted to your goals and needs. Weekly training sessions, extra video material and breathing exercises are included.

What People Are Saying


“Great teacher, very attentive to all class and takes time to teach the terms and correct movements. She keeps classes dynamic and adapted to your level and at the same time challenging. Definitely the perfect balance between physical health and mindfulness. I’m a big fan and totally recommend it to anyone who is trying to challenge their body as well as their mind. Thank you for everything!.”

— Patricia S.

“I already have taken a few online classes and look forward to next week again! Perfect to start or end your day – good quality and explanation – lovely and kind teacher!  Namaste!”

— Charlotte V.