More Stretching, Less Stressing


Yoga against stress and burn-out

Yoga is a mix of training the body and the mind. Combine both and you will get to know yourself better and learn to control your reaction to stress. You are the boss over how you deal with a situation.


Yoga for productivity

Yoga helps you to find efficiency and ease in your daily job. You use it as a moment to pause and reset your thoughts and energy level. It can offer you new perspectives on projects or a task and helps create new ideas.


Yoga for every employee

Perfect for companies whose employees are often on business trips, work from home or work outside of the office. You don”t have to be physically present in the office to do the online yoga class. Classes are recorded so employees who couldn’t attend, can rewatch the class when it fits their schedule.

More info?

Contact me to plan an informal phone call. I’ll answer all your questions and we can discuss the best approach for your employees.